Stop Your Fitness From Hibernating This Winter…

Winter fitness

If you are like most people, finding the motivation to stay active over the cooler months can be challenging. Letʼs face it, who wants to go for a walk or run when itʼs dark or pelting down with rain? A simple bike ride can become a dangerous activity if you are cycling on slippery autumn leaves.

Itʼs easy to make excuses and stay snuggled up in bed, but now isnʼt the time for your fitness goals to hibernate. It’s time to get creative and reassess your workouts and goals so they are seasonally appropriate. Staying active will help chase away those winter blues.

Here are a few ideas to keep you on track:

1. Adopt The Attitude Of Gratitude

Change your mind, change your attitude to gratitude. Winter is a important season for all living things. Farmers welcome the relief of rain. Deciduous trees are bare up top but below ground they are working frantically in preparation for spring growth. Embrace the change of seasons….summer bodies are made in winter!

2. Safety In Numbers

You only need to read the headlines to know that itʼs a crazy world out there. With diminishing daylight hours now is the time to find a training partner. This is for your own safety and it makes you accountable. If you have arranged to meet someone at a specific time you are less inclined to cancel.

Should you be short of training partners why not create a poster and display it at a local cafe or milk bar? Get friendly with your neighbour. Start a walking or running group…you may be surprised how many people turn up. Group exercise is a great way to cultivate new friendships within your local community

I encourage you to get outdoors, inhale the fresh air and grab some Vitamin D! If you train outdoors dress appropriately and be prepared for inclement weather. Most people hide the very second grey clouds appear however, some of my most memorable and funniest experiences have involved training in the rain. To this very day I have yet to meet anyone that rusts and gosh it makes that hot shower afterwards feel amazing! Be sensible and take care.

3. Do Something Different

Have you ever tried indoor rock climbing, a zumba class, pole dancing, circus training, aqua aerobics, nordic walking, martial arts or perhaps yoga? Why not register for an event? What is stopping you? Fitness should be fun! Find a teacher and an activity that inspires and makes you leap out of bed on cold mornings. Employ a qualified personal trainer and have a program written to your specific needs. Commit and pay for sessions in advance…who has money to burn?

4. Get Creative at Home

Local libraries have heaps of exercise DVDʼs, cdʼs, books and tapes. There are literally millions of workouts available on the internet and apps that can be downloaded for free. There are no excuses.

You donʼt need to invest money on equipment for a killer cardio and bodyweight session. If you have room for a yoga mat and a wall, your equipment is sorted. You do need knowledge…spend time researching and create your own 30 minute workout!

Training at home is convenient and can be fun….just think of how much time and money you will save…no more road rage!

5. Stay Away From The Sidelines

Many of my workouts are achieved when the kids are busy doing theirs… I make the most of every waking minute! If there are swimming lessons, I jump in! There is no need to get your hair wet… walk or run in waist deep water (resistance training)…even if you only have 20 minutes!

When itʼs footy season why not watch and walk? Record how many laps of the oval you can do each week. Can you better it the following week. Put your name on the volunteer’s list and become one of the water boys or runners?

At the playground do you sit down, chat and snack with other mums or are you chasing the kids up and down the slides?

Every incidental activity you do adds up and will improve your overall health and fitness.

Be the change you wish to see…